Be My Valentine | 2016

Hello, hello my darling crybabies and Happy February!
Do you want to be my valentine? Or Mae’s? Or Kaitlyn’s? Or Katie’s? Or Sarah’s? Or Kayley’s?
I thought you might ;)

Well, the girls and I were trying to figure out something special for us to do for you all for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is such a fun day for those in love, but for some of us, this day just kinda sucks. Well, we don't want that to be the case for our crybabies, so we wanted to do something about it…but what?

I personally wish that I could hug every one of you, but, well, that is a lot of traveling, I don't know where many of you live, and on top of that, me showing up on your doorstep and wanting to invade your personal space
may freak some of you out a bit. Not all of you… but some, and I can respect that. So we decided to do the next best thing…
We are going to be your Valentines!
+ super cute, secret admirer style Valentines at that!

So here is the scoop… All you have to do is fill out the form below and the girls and I will go through your responses and determine which crybaby boss lady you will be matched with. Then we will send you a sweet love note in the mail! 

Isn't that fun?
I don't know about you guys, but I love mail, especially mail that I know is coming. I also love making you smile, so this was what we came up with. I am going to set the cut off date for this as February 5th— just so we can make sure we have enough time to sort through you and send your letters.

We are all so excited about this, and we hope you are too.
We love you guys.

Photo by Amanda Hill

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