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As most of you know, this club is my pride + joy but for those of you who don't/are just tuning in... let me paint you a lil picture.

Five months ago, I first had the idea to start this club. That was it. This was not the brainchild of a great genius. This was no epic movement that was mapped out or planned in board rooms or even a coffee shop for that matter. No, this club began in the mind of a girl wearing dinosaur fleece pajamas in Memphis, TN. 

The very first draft of Crybaby cards

I posted a rough draft of one of my cards onto my personal instagram along with a modest caption asking if anyone would like one. I freaked out that five people did! Five people wanted to be in my club! Three of those people are now helping me run it.......How insane!


Fast forward to one month ago, Mae created/joined the team and together, we created the crybaby instagram! So we decided to really jump in with both feet and see what would happen. Present day, there are more than 700 of you. Just take a moment to roll that number around in your mind...7 0 0! In less than two months we have grown that much. 700+ of you lovely, sensitive souls, carrying my cards around on almost every continent.

To say that we are touched is an understatement! We are absolutely astounded at the response and love and support that has just come pouring in from all of you amazing human beings that we have had the pleasure to meet as a result of this club.

Now, onto the announcement... As a result of this amazing growth and with all the crybaby bosses supporting me in this, we have made the decision to begin charging for crybaby membership cards. $1 for U.S. residents, and $3 for those of you outside of the U.S. To be honest, I am bummed to tell you this and want you to know that in no way, do we want the price to cause people to turn away from something that may help them feel less alone and less isolated in their emotions. We do not want you to think we are money hungry buttheads who don't care about you because we do more than you can imagine. 

If I am being completely honest with you guys-- and that is the only way I intend to go about this-- I will tell you that none of us are making any money from this club at this stage. Sure, we are hoping to make this club into a profitable organization ONE DAY but today we are 100% self funded & do not even break even. The donations to our indiegogo are so greatly appreciated and go toward helping fund us as well but that campaign is over in a couple of weeks and we do not plan to start another one. Stamps alone are a huge expense, (700 x .40 = yikes!) Up until now, I have been hand making every single card and purchasing stamps, envelopes and other supplies out of pocket in order to do this. I am not complaining, please don't think that. I am forever thankful for the opportunity to grace your walls, pocketbooks, binders and hearts but I also have to be realistic if I want to continue being able to do this... What I want more than anything is just to be able to keep doing this. But in order to do so, I have to find a way to break even somehow and this is what we came up with.  I hope you don't end up hating us, because we certainly don't hate you. It's actually quite the opposite.

So much love from all of us :)

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