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Hey Crybabies!

Katie here, reporting for blog duty. Please bear with me; I’m new to this.

This week I want to talk about crying at work. I’ve done it. Maybe you’ve done it too?

If you Google articles about women crying in the workplace (like I just did), you can find articles that include varying opinions on the matter like: keep it private, crying should only be done at home, crying makes everyone in the office feel awkward, etc.

While those opinions are definitely valid, I’d like to propose a different opinion: “(oftentimes) I cry (at work) because I care (about my job).” This “I cry because I care” can be applied to many situations, but for this blog’s purposes, we’re talkin’ workplace tears, ladies (and gents).

Last week, there was a pretty major theft at my office. As a manager, I felt like a complete failure for letting that happen underneath my nose, but in reality, there’s no way I could have prevented the theft. Nonetheless, I felt like I had let my coworkers down, and I was concerned for the safety of others’ belongings moving forward. So I cried.

I cried because I felt unsafe. I cried because I felt like my boss hadn’t taken me seriously when I talked to him about the lack of security in the building. I cried because I didn’t want this incident to reflect poorly on our business, and I cried because I wish that people wouldn’t resort to theft as a means of acquiring money. I cried because the police officers were so nice and comforting, and I just wanted to hug them a million times for trying to make me feel safe.

No one actually saw me crying (this time), and that’s fine, but if they had seen me I wouldn’t have been ashamed.

Just because I’m crying at work doesn’t mean I’m not composed or I’m not doing my job. It means that I’m a human being with emotions, and you are too. If that makes you uncomfortable, I’m not sorry.

Real talk: I’ve cried at every job I’ve ever had, and I don’t see this changing anytime soon. Because I’m not trying to change it. Every situation is different, every boss is different, and every office has a different vibe, but I encourage you not to hold in your emotions, even at work. Holding your emotions hostage can end up being toxic to yourself and others.

You might go to the bathroom to cry, or you might not, but either way, you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re actually being pretty brave in my opinion.

I’m always going to stick with my creed that crying is caring, and if that’s bad, then I don’t know what’s good.

*Also please don’t think that every time that I cry there is a reason, because I definitely cry without knowing why all the time. But thankfully, this phenomenon has yet to strike me while at work. I’m sure it will happen any day now, and that’s okay, because shit happens.

Have you ever cried at work?


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