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 Hello, it's Kaitlyn! 

With our very first Crybaby Boxes coming to you soon, we wanted to introduce all of the makers and artists that have their art and work featured in them.

The Crybaby Club is rooted in support and friendship, so what better way to build these relationships than introducing you to the people that have created all of the joy we share?

Our first artist spotlight comes from Brittany Ketterman. Britt has been a friend and huge supporter of The Crybaby Club since before it even started. She’s is a dearheart, a feminist, baker, mama, wife and maker. She creates jewelry, dishes, and has recently started her own blog.

I sat down with Britt after she put her kids to bed and we spoke about her art and The Crybaby Club.

“I've been a member of The Crybaby Club my whole life,” Britt said, referencing her battle with anxiety and depression. “I've always tried to avoid crying in front of people, though, and I sort of bottle my emotions. I'm trying to retrain myself to be more open again, and the raw outpouring of love in the Crybaby Club is exactly what I need.”

Britt always felt like she needed to shut down around people because she didn’t feel understood. She thought that people would judge her for showing her emotions, so she stopped. However, as she has grown older, she has come to realize that honest people are respected and that there’s power in sharing your emotions.  

“If more people were completely straightforward with their feelings, big emotions could be much better understood and respected,” Britt said.

For the Crybaby Box, Britt created her own special edition teardrop earrings (aka tearrings). She originally created them last summer and wears them at least once a week.

“They're like my little support system,” Britt said. “and I can give them a rub when I feel stressed. I hope everyone else loves them and feels the same support when they wear them.”

In the future, Britt plans to redouble her efforts with her storenvy and etsy shops as well as start her own blog that features her adventures in cooking, creating and motherhood.

Crybaby Bio: Brittany Ketterman

What she created: Teardrop Earrings

What makes her cry: Emotional movie trailers, getting head-butted by her kids and being overwhelmed with the pressures of motherhood.

Her message to fellow crybabies: “Our tears are not our weakness but our strength. We feel so strongly and hurt and laugh and burst with joy and care so deeply, and it's all beautiful. Don't hide it from yourself or from the world. We got this.”

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