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From: Kaitlyn

English crybaby, Kimberley Robinson is the pure definition of sweet. She is full of sunlight and good vibes, so it’s entirely in her nature to create handwritten love letters for our first Crybaby Boxes.

Kimmy first decided to join The Crybaby Club because she values the importance of being a part of a supportive community.

It’s so down to earth, bringing so many wonderful souls together. It tells folks to not be afraid of showing their vulnerable side,” Kimmy said.

Kimmy emphasized the importance of not being afraid to show our emotions. As human beings, it’s very real and natural to experience a myriad of emotions.

“The more we accept every part of ourselves, the more we begin to be aware of who we truly are,” Kimmy said. She went on to say that every emotion we have is valid. This is something that, when I heard it for the first time, completely changed how I viewed myself. It’s easy to discredit and ignore your own emotions and to belittle them, but that doesn’t bring us the self-worth that we all need.

“If we sit comfortably with what we feel, and notice our actions; we can feel that fulfilment, acceptance and unconditional love which we all deserve to feel,” Kimmy said.

Along with spreading light wherever she goes, Kimmy also has her own brand: “Keep Real”. Keep Real is what Kimmy refers to as a “Grounded Goods Movement” in which wellness is inspired through clothing and goods ranging from sweatshirts to notebooks.

Keep Real is “a brand dedicated in the movement of feeling good and promoting a lifestyle of wellness with a kind and ‘keeping it real’ attitude,” Kimmy said. Keep Real strives to be as sustainable as possible right down to their business cards which are produced by wind power.

“The only impact we want as Keep Real and for our surroundings is a good one,” Kimmy said.

Along with working with non-profit organizations and other creators, they are also launching a blog to continue discussions on important topics, particularly mental health.

Keep Real is aiming to launch at the end of this July.

Crybaby Bio:

What She Created: Handwritten/Hand-drawn love letters.

What Makes Her Cry: Old people holding hands, anything heartfelt, Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Her Message to Fellow Crybabies: 
Don’t ever let someone tell you what to feel or how to feel. It is you who holds the power to achieve anything you desire. To obtain this power, you have to realize that you already have it! You go cry baby!

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