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From Kaitlyn:

When you virtually walk into Sarah McCue’s Etsy shop, “Mighty Pop”, it’s like walking into a rainbow unicorn’s secret cave where all the other unicorns keep their most treasured pop culture goodies.

If you’re confused by that previous statement, just visit her store and you’ll know exactly what I’m saying.

We couldn’t have been more excited when Sarah joined our Crybaby Gang, and we were even more thrilled when she designed a print of our first Crybaby Box.

Sarah joined The Crybaby Club because she recognized that our emotions are our key strength, “Our emotions are important indicators that we shouldn't ignore,” Sarah said. Sarah was stuck in a job that she didn’t like and finally stopped ignoring her emotions, quitting the toxic environment that she was in. “I'm not ashamed that I used to cry at work because it's got me to where I am now,” Sarah said.

After she quit her job, she had two choices: get another job or make another job.

I'm not a very confident person, and my biggest weakness is coming across well in job interviews. I was struggling to get a new job after I quit, so I decided to make myself a job!” Sarah said.

Sarah utilized every resource she had from free online business classes to loans to local groups to get started on following her passion. As a result of starting her business, Sarah has welcomed a huge support system of other kick-ass creatives on Instagram and through her shop.

“Every day I feel like I belong a little more to an awesome online community, which I wouldn't have if I never started MightyPop,” Sarah said.

Sarah has many exciting things planned for the future including local markets and collaborations with other girl bosses. Follow her creations and adventures on her Instagram and give her some love.

Crybaby Bio: 

What she created: Milkshake print, unicorn and mermaid poop stickers.

What makes her cry: The UK show “Gogglebox”.

Her message to fellow crybabies: Listen to your emotions and follow your gut. Try new things and stick with the things that make you happy. You got this, girl!

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