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From: Kaitlyn

Savannah Brady is such a generous soul and I feel so lucky to have been able to connect with her over these past few months. When I found out that her work was featured in our first Crybaby Box, I couldn’t wait to interview her.

Savannah first heard about The Crybaby Club through Sarah and I’s blog (The Duck and the Owl) and immediately knew that she had to join.

“Everyone seemed so supportive and loving, and since I've been a member it has been more than true,” Savannah said. “Even when I don't believe in myself, they do.”

For a long time, Savannah was ashamed and embarrassed about showing her emotions; particularly crying.

“I guess it was because I felt like I was weak,” Savannah said. “However, being a total crybaby has been a part of me my whole life, so trying to fight it made me cry even more.” Eventually, Savannah realized that her emotions were her gift. “I, at some point along the way,  saw that I could be sensitive and strong at the same time. That is what changed my life.”

Ever since this moment of realization, Savannah has been finding power and strength through kindness instead of fighting.

“It's important because emotions make us human,” Savannah said.

Right now, Savannah is working on a project entitled #30daysofCharacters which are a series of paintings that celebrate her favorite fictional people and has been able to showcase her work in several small businesses around the country.  

 What She Created:

Teardrop Plushies. Each one with a slip of paper that tells something they cry about so that you know you’re not alone.

What Makes Her Cry:  

Growing up, instability, stubbing my toes, seeing chickens in tiny cages in trucks, poor treatment of animals, Donald Trump, and also really happy things like lovey notes.

Her Message to Fellow Crybabies:

You're all so brave. We live in a society that wants us to "man up" and "suck it up". It's wrong, and each one of you are helping to change that view. You badasses, you.

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