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From: Kaitlyn

When Leanne first discovered The Crybaby Club through Natalie's Instagram, she easily spent 30 minutes scrolling through and loving every picture and knew immediately that she wanted to join. 

"As someone who has been struggling with anxiety and depression the past few years, some days I feel like everything makes me cry," Leanne said. Leanne's significant other, Dustin, and her have completely opposite work schedules and when she's by herself at night, her emotions can hit her hard. 

"Since becoming a member of the Crybaby Club it has helped me feel so much better about the times when I can't do anything but cry. It's okay," Leanne said. "I feel better afterwards and feel stronger that even if it felt like the end of the world, everything is fine and will work out and will get better."

Leanne has found that throughout her life, she has felt it hard to express all of her emotions out of fear of others not being able to understand. 

"Each person expresses their emotions so differently and I think it is extremely important for us to learn what are the best and healthiest ways to handle them," Leanne said. She finds it increasingly important in relationships (family, friends and romantic) to be able to freely express your emotions. 

"Once you can be open with your emotions it helps for others to be open as well and there is more of a connection and less pressure to hide what might really be going on instead of just pretending that everything is always prefect," Leanne said. 

Right now, Leanne is focusing on balancing her creative and work life as she completes her Associates Degree in Java programming. In the near future, she hopes to find a job or internship that embraces both her coding and creative skills while continuing to keep up her Etsy shop. 

Seeing Natalie start up The Crybaby Club inspired her to become more creative and try to start her own Etsy Shop with different inspirational prints (one included in the first Crybaby Subscription box). 

"It's been a blast so far since I decided to start, but I'm excited at the thought of being able to build on it and make it something that will truly inspire others," Leanne said.


Crybaby Bio: 

What She Created: 

"Even Rain Sparkles" Print. "It's a cute reminder that even on sucky days there's always some happiness or shine to it, you just have to look and see! I wanted to make them handmade for everyone so they could see the print sparkle in the light!" 

What Makes Her Cry: 

Adulting, surprises, presents, Pixar/Disney/Ghibli movies

Her Message to Fellow Crybabies: 

 I'm so so so happy for everyone who finds the Crybaby Club (like, do a little happy dance in my head -and sometimes in real life- whenever I find someone who is a Crybaby Club member happy)! You are so loved and supported through all the bad days and the good days and everywhere in-between. 

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