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As some of you know, we are currently hosting a design contest. The contest is open to anyone who is interested in participating. You guys had a lot of good questions + rather than type them all out every single time you email me + risk leaving something out, I decided to be organized and sit down here + put everything into a blog post. Great idea right? I wish I had thought of it sooner.

Ok, so here is the deal with the buttons-- by the way, when i say buttons, i mean these things:

-The contest is open to anyone who wants to enter.
-If you are interested in entering, please send your name, instragram handle (or website or both) and a high resolution image of your designs to Natalie@thecrybabyclub.com and she will go from there.
-You may submit up to 2 designs.
-The designs do not have to be exclusive to the crybaby theme, you can make a King Kong button if you want, a feminist quote, a design maybe a man would want to wear, a rhinoceros eating cake, whatever... the sky is the limit. Just nothing offensive, derogatory, disrespectful or gross. Cuss words are allowed, because hell, I say so.
-The deadline to enter is April 20th,
-The crybaby bosses will pick their favorites and those designs will be the finalists.
-We will announce the finalists on Monday, April 25th.
-There will be 3 winners, and here is the exciting part... you guys will get to decide who wins!!!
We will be posting a poll here and on our facebook page that allows YOU guys and your friends to vote and pick the winners.
-Again, there will be 3 winners, and voting for those will close on Friday, April 29th.
-Winners will be announced April 30th. Hooray!

The winners' will get their designs made into 1"-1.5" buttons, and the buttons will be sold at the crybaby booth of an upcoming arts and crafts festival we are doing in Memphis, Tennessee.
We will not be reimbursing you for any of the buttons we sell...HOWEVER, we will be sending you your own batch of buttons that we will pay to have produced, and you may do with those what you will (sell them, give them away, throw them in the air, whatever your heart desires).

Here at The Crybaby Club, we really enjoy helping other artists anytime we can, and this is just another way we can do that, so we hope you will enter and show us what you've got! We have got some seriously talented babes in our girl gang, and we can't wait to see all that you come up with. Good luck loves.

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