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Written By: Kaitlyn

Our Second Crybaby Subscription Box is almost ready to be sent out to members. For those of you that don’t know, the Crybaby Subscription box is a compilation of art, products, flair and goodies created by wonderful artists in our community. 

The Crybaby Club is rooted in support and friendship, so what better way to build these relationships than introducing you to the people that have created all the joy that we share.

Today’s artist is Jessica Watkins, a sweetie of an artist with a love of vintage vibes. Jessica loves seeing a group of supportive people who are emotionally open with each other.

“Life is hard, ya know? Let's cry together!” Jessica said.  

Jessica talked about having a support system whether you’re suffering from depression, anxiety, or just having a bad day or week.

“Having a support system of people who won't shame or judge you for your feelings, who will lift you up instead, can make all the difference,” Jessica said.

As part of lifting others up, Jessica is currently involved with numerous creative endeavors, including collaborative projects with a few of her favorite artists. She also just started a blog with her husband as a collaborative project with him. Both of them are collectors, and he has a large collection of action figures.

“He loves to tell me about these things, so I figured it would be fun to share a blog where I can photograph his collection and ask him questions about them,” Jessica said. “Tiny Deer Studio actually kind of started with me photographing his action figures. My first foray into small-scale tabletop photography was with a project I completed in secret, to give him large prints of his favorite figures for an anniversary.”

Photographing her husband’s action figures sparked her interest in her own figure photography, which soon lead to Tiny Deer Studios.

“Bringing that initial influence back to my work is really exciting for me, “ Jessica said. “And that I get to share it with Jacob is even better!”

Crybaby Bio:

What She Created:

Miniature menagerie photography, featuring vintage bone china animal figures in dreamy settings.

What Makes Her Cry:

Lately: almost exclusively, miniature horses

  Always: sad stories, commercials and movies, puppies, babies, generosity, love, anger and loud, unexpected noises.

Her Message to Fellow Crybabies:

Let it out!

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