Aritist Spotlight | Hannah Hitchman

Written by: Kaitlyn

Today's featured artist for the second crybaby box is Hannah Hitchman, one of the most dear and humble creatives I’ve had the pleasure to chat with and her use of verbs are the cutest thing I’ve ever experienced. So, naturally, I couldn’t wait to share her crybaby story with you all.

Hannah discovered The Crybaby Club after a few people she follows on Instagram started to talk about it and realized right away that she wanted to be part of the movement:

“A club dedicated to being encouraging and sympathetic to one another in our hardest moments? You can't find a nicer or more worthy goal than that,” Hannah said.

Hannah quickly got involved in the community and created a tough and tender art print for the next box, “Just a reminder that you can be strong and courageous even when you're feeling delicate and vulnerable.”

Hannah talked about the pressure that society puts on individuals to express their emotions (or lack thereof) in a certain way. Society can sometimes portray the idea that being vulnerable is weak, and she wanted to address that misconception.

It's an awful pressure to feel you have to be a certain way and unable to express what you're truly feeling ,” Hannah said. “Being in touch with your emotions and understanding them is an important part of being healthy and happy with yourself as a person. I think it's incredibly important that people feel comfortable with expressing themselves emotionally without the fear of judgement and encouraging people to be open about it and talk is an excellent way to nurture that confidence in ourselves.”

Hannah just opened up her own shop and is currently working on a few projects including a pin (“spoiler alert-it’s gonna be a wee Pangolin”) and Star Wars inspired badges.


Crybaby Bio:

What She Created:

Tough & Tender flower lion print

What Makes Her Cry:

Traveling to new places, calling people on the phone, has a “wobble” when a character dies in a book or video game, when she tastes a truly delicious chip.

Her Message to Fellow Crybabies:

You're all so very brave and so very badass. Always remember that you're never alone - there will always be a Crybaby Club member willing to listen and offer sympathy and reassurance. Tough & Tender y'all!

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