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In this new series, I wanted to take some time out to showcase some of your creative spaces. As most artistic folks know, it helps the process + gets your creative juices flowing to surround yourself with things that inspire you. Welcome to my little area that inspires me any time I step into it. 

When I first got my little studio, I couldn't wait to make it my own. With concrete walls that seriously screamed "dorm room" making up most of the walls in the spot, it was very important to me to make my creative space a lot less clinical and a lot more fun. It was a challenge, and I knew it would be (concrete walls are not the easiest to work with when it comes to hanging things) but I was determined. I began scouring the Internet for inspiration. I came across and found this article on making your own inspiration wall and immediately fell in love. This project was easy, low maintenance and I already had most of the supplies I needed to get started. 

So I pulled out all my favorite washi tapes, prints, stickers, tissue paper, mementos and all things fun, and got to work. (Tip: sticky tack may be a good option to use if you find the tape doesn't stick the way you want it to. That or scotch tape and then just add the washi tape over it later) I'm so lucky to have so many lovey angels that have sent me such beautiful things, I was definitely not lacking in the art area. If you are low on cute stuff to hang, there is an amazing community of girls in our Facebook group that are always willing and happy to send #crybabyhappymail, which is where most of my cuteness came from. Also, hey there Shane from The Walking Dead. He keeps me safe :)


Also...I must say, I had no plan for where everything was going to go, and I know that's never the way to go but it works for me. It took way more time to execute this way, and I probably used more supplies, but hey, trust and error. I just moved pieces around until I liked where they sat on the wall, and then moved on and did the same with the next art piece. I recommend maybe laying your pieces out on the floor, and getting them into a collage that you're happy with down there, and then move them one by one up to the wall. 

To add dimension to your wall, place some 3D objects on the wall too! These little flowers that Sam picked for me were perfect for this. Again, I have concrete walls, so I couldn't put any heavier things (like embroideries etc) onto the wall, but those kinds of things would be awesome additions to your own wall! One last thing...don't be afraid to mix and match the tapes you use. It only adds to the interest level of your wall. 

OK!!! You've seen we want to see YOURS! email with the subject line "my creative space" and include some snaps of where you make all the cute things you make, and also a little bit about the space, your favorite items/areas of your space, any tips you have for decorating or oganizing a productive environment, etc. My favorite spot in my space? These two little cuties smiling at me and reminding me why I work so hard, and a tiny letter from my tiniest penpal.


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