Patch Design Contest

Ok no, seriously, it is time to choose the winner(s) of the patch design contest!
Look at all of these beautiful, unique, and amazing designs that people sent in. I am just blown away. You would think I would be used to you guys just NAILING IT left and right, but somehow, I always remain astonished! You all did a great job, and for those of you who submitted designs but do not see them here, I still think you are super great I swear, there just was not room for 80 something entries. Yes, you heard right, 80. I had to narrow things down.

With that all being said, please go through the entries, give them all a good look, think to yourself "would I wear this on my jacket/tote/etc," and then CLICK HERE to cast your votes. Also, if you are one of the finalists, PLEASE feel free to share the link and ask friends to vote for you, we will be doing the same.

Again, thank you to all of you magical creatures who sent us little pieces of yourselves, thank you for being creative for us, and thank you for believing in what we do, and wanting to be a part of it. It means so much, it really does.

Let's get patching!


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