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So, I recently had the pleasure of upgrading my life, by way of my photo editing software. A couple of days ago, if I needed to edit anything, I had to use a 10 year old Dell laptop with no battery. So, if I moved even slightly, the power cord comes unplugged + everything is gone. Seriously, I have worked on something for HOURS only to sneeze and lose it all. It is seriously a miracle that any of the things I have made exist at all. 

ANYWAY, I recently made the leap + purchased Photoshop for my Mac. I squealed all night long. I laid down + edited pics, I sat in a beanbag chair + played with gradients, I ate chips + sneezed all I wanted! So thankful + excited. As a testament to that, I wanted to offer up some free printables to my lovely little crybabies.

Also, seeing as I now have sneeze-proof software, let me know if you have any ideas you would like for me to make for you. I love collaborating...even more now that I have my life figured out.

xo, Natalie

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