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Written By: Kaitlyn

As our newest subscription box is being created, I have another artist from our second box that I would love for you all to meet:

Melissa Wert is a force of strength and creativity and the owner of Print Therapy, a blog and stationary shop. Melissa was first introduced to The Crybaby Club by a dear friend and fellow mom who was a member.

“She passed your information my way when you were looking for makers to submit for a recent Cry Baby Box,” Melissa said. “I instantly connected with the idea of a group of women feeling empowered by their emotions, instead of ashamed by them. I think that's really powerful, and so necessary in today's world.”

Melissa talked about the importance of using emotions to process what’s around us in the bad times, but as well as the good times. In processing through our emotions, Melissa believes that we become more connected to the world around us and more connected to ourselves.

“There's no shame in feeling things deeply and truly; in fact I think the opposite is true,” Melissa said. “It's a valuable asset to feel things other people don't often allow themselves to feel. And the more you understand about yourself, the better you can act in your best interest.”


Melissa’s shop, Print Therapy, is based off of this notion as well. She started her dream with her husband to create products that spread love and give you words when they’re hard to find.

How many times have you had a loved one going through a hard time, and you had no clue what to say? My prayer is that these cards help,” Melissa said.

By the end of the year, she is launching two new collections in Print Therapy and working to get her cards into more boutiques across the country.

Crybaby Bio:

What She Created:

“Real Love in Real Life” watercolored cards

What Makes Her Cry:

Looking at photos of her son NICU during his first week, music by Sara Bareilles and James Bay, So You Think You Dance  Numbers (Ie. Gravity from Season 5)

Her Message to Fellow Crybabies:

Let it out! Strong women cry. Strong human beings cry. The strongest human beings connect with their emotions and use them to do great things, both for themselves and their communities. Don't be afraid to go there, to connect, to be vulnerable. The payoff can be wonderful, if you'll allow it. The best moments in both my professional life and in my marriage have come from being vulnerable and putting my true emotions out there. Don't hold back.

You can find Melissa on the internet on her Instagram and shop.

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