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Written By: Jo

I absolutely love my workspace and count myself incredibly lucky to have a whole room in our house dedicated purely to me and my little business. When I moved in with Will (my lovely, bearded other half) last year it was decided that the spare bedroom could be my own little playroom where I could keep my 'toys' out of the way!

Since then, I've been slowly filling it with crafty belongings and plenty of pretties. I have a little reading & tea drinking spot with my favourite yellow chair in one corner, Mac Daddy & Mr Macelton (my iMac and Macbook) in another corner where I do most designy and admin things and I have a nice big making and packing desk on the other side of the room.

I have slowly started to fill my walls with prints and other goodies from talented makers which keeps me happy and inspired on a daily basis. There area also usually half drunk cups of tea, to do lists and the odd cat lying around the place! I really do love my workspace here in Cambridge and after years of desks in corners and sharing living areas, it's a real luxury to have this happy little sunshine-filled space in my own home!

Check out Jo's business, Hello Sunshine , and say "Hi" to her on Instagram!

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