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Welcome to my den of insanity! Just kidding, it's actually quite a relaxing space. It's just filled with all kinds of stuff. It's a tiny space; I actually had to stand in my closet and use the panoramic function to take these shots. My space is set up the way it is because I had to maximize my space while respecting the fact that I'm in a rented house. If I owned this house, the walls would be covered in shelves and peg boards. Instead, I purchased discounted and thrifted storage items to line the walls.

My inspiration for this room and for sewing/crafting in general is the fact that I need to get away from my kids. I started sewing to escape my then one-year-old. I was homeschooling my 6-year-old at the time and I was always at home with my two boys. My mom suggested I take the classes to get a break. Plus my husband had purchased a sewing machine for me less than a year prior, and it wasn't being used. That was the best suggestion my mom has ever made because I am now in love with sewing.

At the time, we were living in a two- bedroom apartment. I had my machine set up in a corner of my bedroom and a broken down chest of drawers held my (tiny) fabric stash. The space was not very conducive to my crafting needs, but I still managed to create some nice things before we moved.

This is the door to my craft room. It's sacred to me because it allows me to keep my kids out. When I am in my craft room, I like to zone out with Netflix, YouTube, or iTunes. The really cool part is that right outside of this door is another door that locks and keeps the kids out of this side of the house altogether. The door also doubles as my storage for my pressing tools. My laundry room is on the other side of this door, so I like to keep it open when I'm washing with bleach. In case you were wondering, I love the smell of bleach.

This side of the room is used mainly for storage. The bookcases holds a wealth of knowledge in the form of (mostly) thrifted sewing and business books and magazines. In the teal and pink cloth bins you'll find my smaller pieces of fabric.

This side of the room is where all the magic happens. As you can see, my main machine sits on my desk under that beautiful machine cover I received in a birthday swap. The desk itself was actually a vanity in its former life. The middle of it lifts up and has a mirror and storage space. I keep stamping and office supplies inside.

The filing cabinets are one of my most prized possessions in the room. I purchased them for $2.50 each at a thrift store and covered them in pretty, colorful contact paper. The total project cost me less than $12. I use them for pattern storage. Sadly, they're both almost full to the brim and I don't know where I will store new ones once they're full.

The books under the other desk holding my television are even more awesome thrift store finds. They are drawing, crocheting, knitting, and quilting books. I have no cable for the television, so I set up my AppleTV to stream movies and music that help me get through my work.

My corner desk houses my basic office supplies in addition to my television and Apple TV. I love my unicorns! The one on the left is a tape dispenser that came with two rolls of rainbow tape. The one on the right is a crocheted unicorn I received in a swap.

I keep the middle of the room open to use my cutting table, which I paid $20 for at a garage sale. When I'm not taking pictures and trying to impress you all, the cutting table sits, folded up, in front of one of the bookshelves.


My tip for fellow crafters and sewists is to check out thrift stores and estate sales frequently. The majority of the items in my room came from a thrift store or a stranger's home. I have found everything from zippers to fabric to furniture for my craft room at my local thrift stores and estate sales. Lastly, when dealing with a small crafting space, build up not out.

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