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Hello, my name is Ruth. I am a Scottish artist, currently living in London. I run a little shop on Etsy called Xoxo Designs by Ruth. I sell fun greeting cards + posters to brighten up people’s day.

My Creative Space is my home. It is where I feel the most comfortable, the most inspired and the motivated to work on achieving my dream. My goal is to work full-time on my wee business, creating and selling my work. I currently work part time at my day job, and when I am off, I get to be in my element, being creative.

 The fairytale is to have a whole room dedicated to my passion. It would be amazing to have a huge inspiration board of all the stuff that motivates me, and to have all my books out on display to look at. My Creative Space is one step to closer to that.

I get lots of inspirations from pattern, flowers, space and typography. I have recently gotten into calligraphy, and am currently practicing my hand lettering and trying different techniques. Last year I visited NASA in Florida, and was obsessed with finding out more about space travel and what it is like to live in space. I find space and space travel fascinating, desperately try to consume everything and anything I can get my hands on to try and get my head around it all. 

My haven wouldn’t be complete without books. I love non-fiction, reading about other people’s dreams and motivations, learning new stuff from space travel to new art techniques, and books that help me feel confident in myself. They give me inspiration to work hard, and do what I love. 

Social Media is also a huge inspiration. It is a creative hub where I get to explore people out there doing what they love, and getting inspired from all the creativity out there. I follow so many wonderful people, but my favs are Papio Press, for their beautiful use of colour and pattern and Oh No Rachio for her fun photos and amazing pins.

The Cry Baby Club is a big inspiration to me. It is so important for us girls to work together, and create something positive and motivational, and most importantly to say, "hey, sometimes we want to have a cry, and that’s okay." It doesn’t make us any less stronger or incapable, and that is exactly what The Cry Baby Club is doing.

I’ve always believed in finding your passion and living for it. I am so lucky to have found mine and to be able to work hard on pursuing it. Even if you are frustrated and can’t find your passion, you will. It takes time to find what drives you in life. Believe it that. Enjoy life, and somewhere along the road you’ll suddenly find the reason you want to get up and work for. Remember, ‘whatever you are, be a good one.’


Check out Ruth's shop and pop in to say "hi" on her Instagram!


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