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Written By: Xenia

My creative space is the opposite of clean and organized; it flows like my stream of artwork, sporadic and ever changing. I often find myself mid drawing when inspiration for my next project arises. The inspiration for my artwork comes from a variety of places; I am very much obsessed with the ocean and everything inside it and about 98% of my work is ocean inspired.

You’ll also find I really enjoy combining opposite elements in my illustrations such as space and marine life or everyday objects with sea creatures, which inspired some of my drawings I call “Animals with Donuts” or my series of melted objects.

My inability to stay focused on one project is a reflection of my art space; although I have a designated art area, I work wherever I feel comfortable at the moment: on the floor of my living room, the lawn outside my apartment or every once awhile I’ll actually sit at my desk.

I like to surround myself with some of my own work such as my giant tentacle which inspired Kraken Productions, but also lots of flowers and shells since I currently far away from any beaches. Art pieces from friends keep my creative mind open to new styles and techniques, especially when I hit a creative roadblock. Lastly, our cat Lucy keeps me company (and sometimes sits right on my paper) and helps me keep track of time. Thanks for peeking at my creative space! 

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