Seven Days of Mental Health

Written By: Kaitlyn

As a recent college graduate, crybaby Rhea approached Natalie earlier in the year to propose an event in our crybaby community. During this week (August 6-12) Rhea is hosting a "Seven Days of Mental Health" social media event. 

She was inspired to make a difference at university when she researched PTSD in inner-city children. 

"My reasoning behind that was because after having lived in the area and gone to school for a few years, I was very much immersed in the concept of kids having to ‘act hard’ and ignore the emotional and mental problems they may be having," Rhea said. 

During her last few years of university, Rhea also discovered that she herself had mental health problems that had gone undiagnosed for years. 

"I definitely do not want that to happen to people in the future," Rhea said. 

Ever since her university research, Rhea has wanted to provide more resources to people.

"I’ve wanted to at least make more of these resources for people to help them feel better and ideally provide them with at least one new method of helping themselves through rough emotional times," Rhea said. And she knew The Crybaby Club would be a perfect platform to get started.  

The Seven Days of Mental Health is a social media event in which Rhea will give the participants a different challenge each day. Each challenge prepares individuals for reflection and ultimately personal growth. Challenges range from making a list to documenting emotions.

The very last challenge of the week is Support Day "in which you ideally find two people in the event and one person in your life whom you can reach out to when you’re feeling down and explain to them how you need to be helped when this happens," Rhea said.  "I’m hoping it’ll at least bring some of us closer together, and like I said, provide at least one new way to help yourself when needed."


If you would like to participate in Rhea's Seven Days of Mental Health Event, join the page on Facebook. 

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