Sunday Funday | DIY Teardrop Pinata

Written By: Mallory Moulay

Hello, there! My name is Mallory from Tiny Paper Cuts and I am beyond excited to share a DIY project just for you crybabies! Have you ever thought, “Gee whiz, I sure wish I had a miniature teardrop piñata to give to my favorite crybaby!” Well I am here to save the day! This piñata is sure to be a tear jerker. I love giving these as gifts because who wouldn’t want their own, made for them, piñata?! You can even put small presents inside for a fun surprise! I think some crybaby flair would be just perfect! So pop open some champagne on this Sunday Funday and craft your tears out.


What You Need: 

-Foam presentation board or cardboard
-Flimsy presentation board
-Magical blue holographic paper
-Box cutter
-Hole punch

How To Do It:

  1. Draw your tear drop shape onto your cardboard and cut it out.

  2. Trace that tear drop onto another piece of cardboard and cut that one out. Add your candy opening in the upper middle area of your back piece. You will now have 2 same sized drops for the front and back of your pinata.

  3. Using 2 inch thick strips of the flimsy presentation board, wrap and tape to front piece of pinata

  4. At the point of your pinata hole punch the two sides and tie your string through.

  5. Tape on the back side to the pinata.

  6. Starting with the sides, glue on fringed blue paper from the bottom working your way to the point.

  7. Glue on your fringed paper to the front and back again working from the bottom up. 

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