Artist Spotlight: Lauren Buckley

Written By: Kaitlyn

Every few months, The Crybaby Club creates a Subscription Box featuring a large amount of creatives that have made something special just for our members. (The next box is now on sale! Pick one up before they're all gone!) A huge part of this club is supporting other women and artists. This is one step we can take to do just that--to tell their stories. 

As I am writing this, I have just had the most captivating and refreshing conversations with crybaby Lauren Buckley. We chatted for nearly an hour about the club, her art and our emotions and it was all absolutely life-affirming. 

Lauren first found The Crybaby Club through Kayley's Instagram and loved all the things she posted and soon The Crybaby Club seemed to be everywhere. 

"It was really weird. My best friend tagged me in a post from The Crybaby Club and asked if I had seen it," Lauren said. They had both found the club separately and she watched it grow from the beginning. 

Lauren connected to the club right away because she has anxiety.

"I liked how honest it was. People weren't afraid to say, 'I have this. I feel this way,'" Lauren said. "Not only were people being honest about their feelings, but they were saying that it's okay to have those feelings." 

Even if people in the club haven't gone through the same things as others, she still feels connected and understood for one of the first times in her adult life. 

In the United Kingdom (where Lauren lives), therapy is not a huge and is a stigmatized thing that isn't often discussed. She said that whenever she has conversations with people, bringing up the fact that she has anxiety or sees a therapist, she always gets a look and they usually say, "Oh my God, I never would have expected that from you. You're so cheery."

This is frustrating to Lauren because they clearly don't understand,  "they don't know that it's just a mask." 

We also chatted about the negative stigma surrounding showing emotions in the workplace, especially when it comes to crying. 

Before in the workplace, when crying in front of other co-workers, Lauren has received the reaction before of, "Oh no! The woman! It's leaking again!"

But crying in the workplace shouldn't be disrespected or seen as weak. "I'm passionate and I deeply cared," Lauren said.  

In starting her own design business and shop (Thriftbox), it took Lauren years to first put up her first Instagram post and item for sale. 

"It took me a while to gain confidence in Thriftbox and myself," Lauren admitted. "In the future, I want to put that confidence forward." 

She talked about how it was hard at first because she kept comparing herself to other artists who were wildly successful. "I was bummed out that I wasn't at that level...but I realized that we're the next generation of big things." 

When designing the nails for our third subscription box, she struggled to just sit down and design. She hasn't sat down in about two or three years with a specific theme and concept in mind. For inspiration, she looked at the previous artwork in The Crybaby Club and in the previous boxes. 

"I was thinking of the things that the group meant to me, " Lauren said. "Girl gang, quite classy, international, etc." 

One of the designs she used on the nails is a little ghost holding a heart. "He's just a really cute soul offering up his heart," Lauren said. 

She soon plans to create the little ghost into an enamel pin. She also plans to branch out into clothing and is currently creating a shirt with her sensitive soul illustration. 

Crybaby Bio: 

What She Created: 

Crybaby Nail Stickers 

What Makes Her Cry: 

Weddings, movies, when she gets angry 

Her Message to Fellow Crybabies: 

Don't be afraid to do anything. If you think something's going to help you, it's fine being like that. I went through my whole life thinking that I'm the only one that thinks about things differently. Until I found the Crybaby Club and there's ten thousand of us!

You can find Lauren online on her Instagram and Etsy shop. Stop and say, "hi!"

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