Pinventory #2

Today, we are unveiling our second installment The Crybaby Pinventory. Throughout the next few months, we are going to share some collections of our favorite enamel pins. We will feature them on our blog and tell you where to get them. 

For each post, we will be doing a HUGE giveaway on our Instagram in which you can win the pins we feature to start your own collection. 

For our second post, we are going to feature our favorite Black & White pins that we are in love with. We love a great monochrome. Makers' information can be found below. Check them out and give them some love and head on over to our Instagram to win them for yourselves. 

1. Life Wife Press//2. Shim Sham Shop//3. Rose Pink Moon//4. Happy Supply Company //5. Life Club//6. wwwhiteyy//7. Bean It//8. Handy Studio//9. Stodium

This giveaway is now closed!!! Winner listed below!

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