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Written by: Kaitlyn

Every few months, The Crybaby Club creates a Subscription Box featuring a large amount of creatives that have made something special just for our members. A huge part of this club is supporting other women and artists. This is one step we can take to do just that--to tell their stories.

When Cindy Gamel of Mixed Up Gifts first contacted us about collaborating, she was full of great ideas and passion. She wasted no time in creating the perfect enamel pin and her energy was contagious.

She first discovered and resonated with The Crybaby Club when she saw our "I May Cry, But I Can Still Get Things Done" pins and our inclusivity.

"The interwebs can feel like a big scary place when you are a new girl-boss biz, and trying to navigate around and figure out yourself, and your brand, AND tell your story to total strangers," Cindy said. "It’s completely daunting to be honest!"

Cindy admitted that she used to get super embarrassed whenever she would cry in front of someone, but as she got older she realized that crying wasn't inappropriate or embarrassing at all.

"I’ve always been a super sensitive person, but I also think my anxieties and sensitivities are part of what makes me empathize with and understand other people. So I’d rather be a “crier” than not," Cindy said.

As I said earlier, when Cindy approached us for a collaboration, she immediately created the most adorable mixed tape enamel pins for us. Her whole business is inspired by the mixtape era of the 80's and 90's.

"As they say, you can never go back 'home', but even an enamel pin is a wearable reminder and a way to take you back there, even for a moment," Cindy said. "My shop features a lot of products that seem to have this power, and so far my own original designs seem to gravitate toward this era."

The cassette tapes say "Mixed Up" on the title as a shout out to confusing teenage (and all) emotions.

"I was constantly mixed up, and I think most people can relate," Cindy said.

In the future, Cindy hopes to open up her own shop in Denver and she is currently researching commercial real-estate and store designs. In the mean-time, Cindy is always looking to collaborate with other artists and vendors. It's so important to her to support and cheer on other artists and small businesses.

"Interacting with other makers and doers always ignites my creative spark and motivates me," Cindy said.

Cindy will be at the Denver Punk Rock Flea Market on December 17. If you're in The Mile High City, stop by and say, "Hey!"

Crybaby Bio:

What She Created:

Mixed Up Enamel Pin

What Makes Her Cry:

Commercials, Concerts, when killing spiders, and when she laughs too much

Her Message to Fellow Crybabies:

I’m always looking for amazing artists and makers to collaborate with - if you create art or creative products that would be a fitting “Mixed Up” gift - please get in touch! Oh! And most importantly - Cry on, Crybabies….


Find Mixed Up Gifts online on their website and Instagram!



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