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Hello, my beautiful crybabies! It's Kaitlyn here, Crybaby boss and Blog Editor. I asked people on The Crybaby Facebook page to send me some questions for a little Q&A on the blog and the response was overwhelming! So, I decided that I would answer half of the questions on the blog and half of the questions in a vlog! Both are below.

If you have any further questions for me, please feel free to ask them below!


What’s your very favorite breakfast?

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I would eat breakfast food for every meal if I could. Pancakes are my favorite. But I’m partial to every sweet food. So, my ideal breakfast would be blueberry pancakes, cinnamon rolls, french toast and a chai latte. With bacon on the side.

Where did you hone your sweet dance skills?

If by “sweet” you mean “neurotic”, I get it from my complete lack of coordination or care about what other people think. Dancing is not my forte, but I love it.

What’s your best blog advice?

Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. As is true with any creative endeavor, supporting other people and working together is key. Not only does it benefit both parties to share ideas, but they usually end up sharing passion, which ultimately fuels us.

This might sound cliche, but do what you love! Share who you are and be true to yourself. If everyone is posting their monthly goals and you don’t really want to, don’t do it! You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. Do what you love and share that passion. That’s what people look for and hold onto.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to take risks. Maybe you want to write about a sensitive topic or want to try to start collaborating or want to open up a shop---JUST DO IT! Who cares if it turns out horribly? At least you tried. And usually, I find, if you just do it, the results will be greater than you can ever hope to expect them to be.


How are you so organized?

When I become passionate about something, I put in everything I have into that project. I become a little obsessive and feel the need to make everything as perfect as possible. That’s what drives me with The Crybaby Club. I truly love everything I do and adore every second I spend with it.

I’m not organized with everything in my life--my room always has laundry on the floor and the trunk of my car is like a memory box at this point filled with pirate costumes and broken wine glasses.


What’s the most true thing you’ve heard about your astrological sign?

This is hard because I feel like Taurus (my sign) is perfect for me. This link basically describes me to a T. I think that I am very stubborn in the fact that I’m loyal and that if you’re in my life, I am going to be protective and care (maybe too much) about you. I’m really passionate about what I believe in and will argue it with anyone and everyone. I relish a good political debate. I also really admire beauty and touch is really important to me (it’s one of my top love languages).

What do you do when you’re sad/upset/angry?

I usually go to my bed and don’t leave it. I also have an amazing support system and have recently discovered that I can go to them whenever I’m feeling any of these emotions. This always helps. And it doesn’t make me a burden (I still have to remind myself of this).

Hogwarts house? Patronus?

1000000% Hufflepuff. But Pottermore always puts me in Gryffindor, so I’m in the middle of an identity crisis...no big deal.

My patronus is a dolphin.

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