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Written by: Kaitlyn

Every few months, The Crybaby Club creates a Subscription Box featuring a large amount of creatives that have made something special just for our members. A huge part of this club is supporting other women and artists. This is one step we can take to do just that--to tell their stories.

Today's story comes from Tamara Termini Tudela, a bright spirit, artist of Hello Positivities and mother of two girls. 

I chatted with Tamara over the phone and her sweetness and passion we're ovewhelming, especially when it came to her two little girls. Her girls light up Tamara's life.

"They're part of my whole world," Tamara said. 

While she was searching for "baby" on Instagram, Tamara stumbled across one of The Crybaby pins and immediately followed.

Tamara thinks that it's important to express how you feel whether it's good or bad.

"Let them go and let them flow in order to move on," Tamara said. 

Being from Venezuela, Tamara and I talked about what makes her upset the most, which is the current political situation in her home country. 

"The people in control make the wrong decisions for everyone else," Tamara said. For the past sixteen years, the same president (Maduro) has been in control and through poor spending decisions has run Venezuela into poverty: many citizens don't have food, medicine and children are dying every day, Tamara explained. 

"It breaks my heart so much to see that," Tamara said. 

A referendum is currently trying to be passed to decide a new leadership for the country, but the government has pushed that referendum back for months, which is causing outrage in the streets. Tamara believes that it's incredibly important to know what's happening around the world, even if it's not positive.

Despite hardships in life, Tamara thinks it's ever-so-important to find the positivity and beauty in everything. 

"I just like to make people smile and happy," Tamara said when talking about her art. 

Tamara currently does illustrations as well as paints for herself and is currently deciding on her next step whether that be greeting cards, t-shirts, or something else entirely. 

"It's going to go where it will. It doesn't matter where you are now," Tamara said. 

Crybaby Bio

What She Created: 

Positive Greeting Cards (rainbow, mountains, and whale)

What Makes Her Cry: 

Turmoil in Venezuela and she happy cries when she sees rainbows with her girls.

Her Message to Fellow Crybabies: 

Express how you feel. Let it go. Let it be. Whatever if is you're feeling, it will be okay...This too shall in the present time.

You can find Tamara on the internet on her Instagram and Shop. 


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