A Toast to 2016

Written by: Kaitlyn

Gosh. Where do I even begin!? It hasn't even been a full year yet (our anniversary is in January), but so much has happened since Natalie told me about her idea for this club a year ago. She wanted to start a cute support group to encourage sensitive souls that their emotions are one of their largest strengths. She started an Instagram and made membership cards and it literally exploded into a party of love and acceptance right in our faces this year. Here's a little look back at what we've done: 

1. Started an Instagram, which grew to over 16K followers in months! 

2. Made and sent membership cards all around the world. 

3. Created our first product for sale: "I May Cry, But I Can Still Get Things Done" pin. 

4. Since our first pin launched, we have launched over 30 pieces of product. 

5. We started a blog to showcase the voices in our community. 

6. We created a quarterly subscription box that has featured work from over 100 artists all around the world. 

7. We opened up wholesale accounts all around the world from Memphis to Milwaukee to Canada. 

8. We started a Facebook support group that provides love and advice to men and women every single day. 

9. We have participated in pop-up events all across Memphis. 

10. But most importantly, we have met you. You have made our lives beautiful and full. The inspiration and support you all give to us every single day blows our minds and hearts away. Your kind words and love for each other keep us going. You have given us life. We see this community that you are a part of and we cry (of course) because it's so genuinely beautiful. Thank you. Thank you. We love you. 

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