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Written by: Kaitlyn

Every few months, The Crybaby Club creates a Subscription Box featuring a large amount of creatives that have made something special just for our members. (Our current box is now available in the shop!) A huge part of this club is supporting other women and artists. This is one step we can take to do just that--to tell their stories.

Kaleigh is the creative behind The Paper Moon Collective and reached out to us to create a brand new pin for our box. 

She first was drawn into The Crybaby Club because of the design, but she stayed for the message of empowerment that we all stand behind.

"I think it is important for everyone to embrace their true self," Kaleigh said, "The good, the bad, and the emotions because it makes us stronger." 

Last year was a hard year for Kaleigh, but she found strength in embracing her emotions and through this found a confidence that helped her get through pivotal moments. 

"When you become comfortable with your emotions, you're kind of punching life in the face and telling the world, 'I've got this!'" Kaleigh said. 

Kaleigh wanted to translate this message of confidence to her product in our boxes; hence, the "I Am Enough" pin was born. 

"I wanted it to be something that whoever is wearing it can look at it as a badge of honor and reminder to have confidence in themselves," Kaleigh said.

In the near future, Kaleigh plans to start her own website and blog for The Paper Moon Collective as well as release new pin designs. 

Crybaby Bio: 

What She Created: 

I Am Enough pins 

What Makes Her Cry: 


Her Message to Fellow Crybabies: 

Don't be afraid to feel whatever it is you are feeling and understand the importance that it holds. And always remember that no matter how bad things seem, there are always brighter days ahead.

You can find Kaleigh online on her Instagram and at her store!

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