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Written by: Kaitlyn

For each Crybaby Subscription Box, we think that it’s very important to highlight the makers and the movers that made each box happen. The purpose of the box is to spread support and love while also supporting creatives and their endeavors. (Pick up a box for yourself or a friend this holiday season before they're all sold out!) These are their stories.

Today's story is from a lady whose energy and enthusiasm is contagious: creator Nicole Canovas.  Nicole has been a huge cheerleader of The Crybaby Club from the beginning and we were thrilled to hear that she wanted to collaborate on something for this box. 

Nicole said she vividly remembers the post that made her want to become more invested in The Crybaby Club: Our "you cried but you did the thing anyways" print. 

"I've dealt with anxiety from a very young age, and I remember discounting a lot of achievements because I may have started to panic at some point," Nicole said. "I wasn't giving myself enough credit that yeah, you panicked, but you got yourself together and you finished what you were doing!"

Nicole places such a huge importance on embracing your own emotions because it helps build self-confidence, which helps tremendously with anxiety. She recalls when she was in high school and didn't tell anyone about her anxiety out of fear as being seen as "weird".

For a long time, Nicole didn't want to be seen as weak, but after toxic relationships and personal experiences she realized, "If someone is judging you or making you feel shameful of your emotions, they're not worth having in your life."

Nicole is currently finishing up her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and created two mini prints for our subscription boxes. The prints themselves were inspired by heroines Hermione Granger and Katniss Everdeen. While thinking about these characters, Nicole realized that they were more "actively" brave, whereas she was more "passively" brave. 

"I don't go out of my way to do brave things, but if a situation calls for me to be brave, I'll be brave," Nicole said. "And I wanted others that are like me to know that that's okay. Brave is still brave."

With her graduation drawing closer every day, Nicole is excited to use her free time to keep on creating. As a lover of comics, she is currently working on her own entitled, "Girl and Ghost." 

Crybaby Bio: 

What She Created: 

2 mini prints depicting different kinds of bravery

What Makes Her Cry: 

Mostly out of frustration, or when something is really sweet

Her Message to Fellow Crybabies: 

I know it can be difficult for people to relate to you at times, but please never feel alone in your emotions.  This club is proof that we're out here, and we're all rooting for you.  If you feel like no one is in your corner, or no one understands- reach out to us.  Any and all of us.  We're all in this together.

Nicole can be found online on her Instagram and Shop!

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