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Written by: Lauren 

Welcome to The Grey Estates aka the other half of my bedroom. It's where I work as the blog queen of music blog, The Grey Estates and as a freelance writer. 

My creative space is as organized, colorful, cute and even a little messy as me. It's also purple, which is my favorite color. Everything in my space is meant to help me run my blog, job and life as smoothly as I possibly can. It's filled with notebooks for interviews and ideas, and pens, which I take with me and then lose. 

I'm not into digital planners at all. I have always used a physical planner because they're cute and I can carry them with me. Right now, I'm using a Bando agenda to keep track of when I wanna run things on my site, what needs done and important stuff. There's something about writing stuff and then scratching it out that keeps me really motivated. I also have a collection of office supplies like paper clips because I think I need those? I really don't. 

The most important part of my creative space is the wall above my desk. It's there that I stick photos with faraway friends and mementos. Right now, I get to look up everyday and see my pals in Leggy, Diet Cig and Tom at GoldFlakePaint smiling at me. It's a good reminder of the reach my site has and the people I've met along the way. I also have a La Luz setlist from my amazing photographer, Le'Donne Morris and a drawing of me as a Gem from Steven Universe that a totally amazing and special friend drew. I look at my walls everyday when I'm working and always smile. There are times when I feel anxious or lonely or even overwhelmed and my creative space is meant to provide me comfort and reminders that I can get through today, and I'm not alone. There's also three posters of events that TGE has sponsored and when I think that nobody reads my site or I need a reminder of what we've done and my goals, I look at those.

Here's an official TGE secret for Cry Baby Club readers - I used to have a banner with my site name hanging on my wall, too, but then I had a cry baby day and was so mad by some events that I tore it down. I got a shadowbox to replace it because I can't tear that down and my room is dark so it gives me light!

For me, the most important part of a creative space is having a place where work and your side hustles feel fun. It's a place where ideas should come together and you can do your best dreaming! 

You can find Lauren over at her blog: The Grey Estates.

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