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One year ago today we officially started The Crybaby Club. To say that today is special, is absolutely understating it. This year has been so full of love, motivation, friendships, girl power and of course, crying. I can't ever thank you for what you've given me, but I can continue trying to give it back.

That being said, we have decided to host yet another fab contest, and this will be our best design contest yet, of this I am certain!!!

In the past year, we have hosted similar contests that created fantastic buttons and patches from incredible artists. This contest however, we wanted to go a step further...

The design that comes in third place will be made into a button.

The design that comes in second place will be made into a patch
and finally:
The design that comes in first place will be made into an enamel pin!

This contest will also be the first where an entrance fee will be mandatory, but a small one! Deep breathing guys, we are not here to gouge you. We just want to make sure we have the funds set aside to make your masterpieces come to life! With that said, each design you submit (yes, you can submit more than one) will require a non-refundable $5 fee to enter.

Send your designs to Natalie@thecrybabyclub.com as a high-resolution PNG file, with the subject line "Ultimate Design" and then click here to send your entrance fee and in the special instructions box, please put your name and the name of your design.

The time to enter starts now January 12, 2017, and the contest will close on January 26, 2017.

Ok so, here is the fine print...you of course retain all rights to your designs, duh! We are not about that art theft life over here. If your design is selected, we will use it as a one-time deal, have them made into the products, send you a portion of those products, and sell our portion in the crybaby shop as a limited edition pin/patch/button. During that time, your name will also be showcased on our website as an official partner brand of The Crybaby Club. After that, what you do with your design is all up to you! Like I said, we will not keep your design, we really just do these contests in order to help fellow indie artists and designers get exposure and have a platform to showcase their talents!

If you have any questions, email Natalie, but otherwise GOOD LUCK BUTTERCUPS and thank you for 1 year of absolutely dream life. I cannot wait to see what you come up with.

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