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Written by: Kaitlyn

For every Crybaby Subscription Box we create, we collaborate with artists from all around the world to curate custom items and designs for our boxes. It's important for us to always support fellow artists and this is one way that we can do this. It's also important for us to tell their stories. This is Charity's. 

Charity discovered The Crybaby Club through Kitty Pinkstars and was on board after she saw our enamel pin that reads "I may cry, but I can still get things done."

I’ve learned to just take as many strides forward as I can, when I can. Sometimes I stop doing anything at all, because the world is too heavy, but I use to think I had to re-start after every time," Chairty said. "and I would get so angry with myself for never progressing on my dreams. Now I try to see the good days as a continuation with short interruptions."

Similar to all of us, Charity is still trying to navigate her way through her own emotions and uses art and creativity as an outlet. She talked about her journey in realizing where her anger comes from and how she wants to change her reactions to things that she can't control. 

"Peace is sort of my personal priority right now. Peace and self-care, (I always thought self-care sounded so selfish! I learned my lesson)," Charity said. 

Through this self-care, Charity has also realized how important other people are to each other. We need each other. 

"I didn’t want to need anyone else, because I hated that my pain could pull someone else down, like other people’s pain pulled me down," Charity said. She would bottle up her emotions, causing them to come out in unhealthy ways.

"I was writing about this whole process when it dawned me… that’s how humanity works. We share the weight of our experiences with each other. Not just with one person, but in a community. Collectively we are strong enough," Charity said.

For our subscription box, Charity created a cute little postcard featuring her aunt and uncle's Cavalier Kind Charles Spaniel because he has the saddest eyes. 

Crybaby Bio: 

What She Created: 

Puppy Postcard

What Makes Her Cry: 

When she finishes an audiobook, reading to children

Her Message To Fellow Crybabies: 

Cry away, but also have peace and calm. Over-thinking and being anxious about my art projects has only ever stagnated me and prevented me from sharing. You can’t rush personal revelation. Maybe you need to know how to market your art, maybe you need to know what to do in a failing relationship, maybe you just need to feel good about yourself. In order to really make changes, we need personal revelation. You can’t rush that. If you haven’t had it, don’t beat yourself up about it. It will happen. I have been obsessed with “peace” since before the new year, but I couldn’t find it. Suddenly as I was falling asleep one night, kind of praying, kind of thinking, I realized what I was doing that was preventing the peace I craved. I literally had this moment right then where I saw myself releasing sparrows who were caged. It was really amazing. You can’t force that stuff. Give yourself a break. Talk about your experiences. Think about the first time you read a quotation or saw a post that really spoke to you, how great it felt. You can provide that moment to someone else, but not if you hold your experiences in too close. SO MANY PEOPLE struggle with mental health issues, one of those people needs to know they aren’t alone, and you might be the person that provides that. 

Check out Charity and her work on her website. Give her some love!

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