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Written by: Kaitlyn

For each Crybaby Subscription Box, we think that it’s important to highlight the makers and the movers that made each box happen. (Our spring box is still available in the shop) The purpose of the box is to spread support and love while also supporting creatives and their endeavors. These are their stories.

After knowing each other on Instagram for what seemed like forever (she even wrote a blog post for us) Jessica and I finally met via FaceTime the other week to discuss her involvement with our Spring Crybaby Box. 

Jessica Ferhadson has been involved in our community since nearly the beginning. She was drawn to the community because she saw the generosity of makers all around the world. 

"I'm so happy that there are other people like me who just want to be nice," Jessica said. 

Being 100 % Armenian, Jessica grew up going to an Armenian school until she was in 9th grade. In this culture, showing your emotions isn't necessarily celebrated. 

"I think especially as women, you're seen as overly-emotional," Jessica said. 

It was a culture-shock for her in 9th grade when she started going to public school. She had lived most of her life sheltered and didn't know about drugs and sex. However, she wouldn't change her upbringing for the world. 

"I love the Armenian culture and everything that they fight for," Jessica said. 

In the Armenian culture, there is a huge emphasis on not being pressured into changing who you are and being proud of where you come from. There is also a huge value placed in the arts and music. 

So, it's no surprise that art has always been a huge part of Jessica's life. Throughout high school and college, Jessica's pieces were of women, a lot of them meant to portray a specific emotion.

With her work she wants to show that "This is how we feel sometimes, and that's okay." 

In the future, Jessica wants to expand her work and start creating thing that she can give away to others or sell for cheap to further spread acceptance and love. 


What She Created: 

Coloring page postcard

What Makes Her Cry: 

Small animals, whenever she sees anyone else get emotional

Her Advice to Fellow Crybabies: 

Take how you feel and try to express it in some way. Don't ever be afraid to tell someone how you feel. 

Say hello to Jessica over on her Instagram!

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