Period Talk (and some cute pins)

It is 2017 and people are still having periods! IMAGINE THAT.

Human beings have been bleeding out of their vaginas for almost 5 billion years and yet, still, people don't want to talk about it, or even more comical...people can't handle other people talking about it. Menstruating human beings are met with shame just for bleeding in the first place, let alone speaking about it, so we wanted to write this blog post because upon the release of the incredible kawaii menstrual cup enamel pin, designed by Bree Foucher, the ignorant, shameful and just plain stupid comments have not stopped. 

Most of the comments come from men, but there are some women thrown into the mix as well, and while we recognize that in order to be a feminist, and proud of yourself and your bodies, you do not have to speak out about and/or wear menstrual cups and pads on your clothing. I will say it again, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE OUTSPOKEN OR OBNOXIOUS ABOUT YOUR GENITALIA OR YOUR PERIOD IN ORDER TO BE A PROUD, STRONG FEMINIST...but you don't have to cut us down for doing it either. You definitely shouldn't comment that it is gross and use words like "feminazis are out of control" or "who would want this" or "ew why".

But since you have, let us tell you why. 

On a smaller scale, it is a cute enamel pin of a feminine hygiene product. 

On a larger, more graphic/realistic scale, it's an artistic depiction of a menstrual cup, which is a small silicone cup inserted into the vagina during menstruation to catch the blood and tissue that is being expelled from the body. It is a safer, less toxic, more environmentally friendly and financially viable alternative to pads and tampons, and it deserves some attention for this on its own, as not everyone can use tampons or pads and the cup allows people another option.

As to the "who would want this" comments...
WE wanted this. As soon as we saw this design, we fell in love with it. Bree did an amazing job at making something that is not very openly talked about and often revered with shame and disgust into something really cute and funny and relatable, in an endearing and sassy way- which is what our brand is all about.

Back to menstruation in general, it is fact that more than half of the world's population experiences menstruation at some point in their lives, starting from as young as age 8 and going on for 20+ years into their adult lives. We bleed. It hurts. It's messy. It makes us feel like 3-day-old and emotionally raw garbage.
Is it gross? Sure it is, but that's life.
It literally is life.

All that being said, there is still a large portion of the population doesn't want to talk about menstruation.

We still blush when people say the word "period";  we hesitate to tell others that we're on our periods because other people may write off our thoughts and opinions on things as "irrational" or "emotionally driven" because it's "that time of the month"; we cringe from embarrassment when pads fall out of our purses and hide tampons up our sleeves. I remember this feeling so well as a 13-year-old girl, trying to 007 my tampons to the bathroom, hoping not only that no one would notice, but that I hadn't bled through my clothes as well. I felt shame since day one. More accurately, I felt afraid day one. I started my period on my thirteenth birthday, AT MY BIRTHDAY PARTY, surrounded by all of my family and friends and with a mouth full of chocolate cake. I still can't really enjoy cake because of this.

It's not your fault if you feel ashamed or nasty: it is the years and years of people telling you that your period makes you disgusting that fuels these emotions. For crying out loud, there are even some religious texts that refer to menstruation with words like "unclean". Throughout the world, there are still varying systems of inequality regarding menstruation: from locking women away in huts to taxing basic hygiene products, and don't even get me started on the period shaming that occurs to people in the LGBTQ community.

But again, it is 2017 and it is time for this to change. 

It goes beyond just not talking about it. By not talking about it and deeming a completely natural human function as "gross" or taboo, we are making the world severely more dangerous for the young people facing this same issue, and for ourselves. So let's talk about it, and let's try to help others not be so afraid of acknowledging the processes of the human body.
That is also something that this club is all about. ::cue the tears::

Here are some of our favorite Period-Themed Pins: 
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