Little Pep Talk

Heyyyaaa, you!

Here's the deal: You might be having an awful day today. Maybe it started raining on your walk to work, maybe they dumped you, maybe your favorite donut place was out of your favorite donut this morning. Or maybe there is no reason, and that's okay too! 

And heck, maybe you're having a great day. 

Regardless of how your day is going, there is something all of you need to hear: 




(ahem. Sorry about the swearing).

This may sound ridiculous, but this is something I've always told myself before doing something that makes me anxious; whether that be a job interview, date, going to meet someone new, or making a phone call. 

I look at myself in the mirror and shout the words to my face and it helps a little part of me believe what I'm saying. 

And I want you to believe this too. Because truer words have never been spoken to you. 

I've had the pleasure of knowing you all and knowing this community since we started it and I see literally thousands of people kicking ass every. single. day. 

Whether that's through creating a new design, showing off your legs you've always been self-conscious of in a new romper, or spreading love, all of you kick ass in every moment. Even when you don't feel like you're fucking awesome, you are. You especially are. 

So if you're having a bad day, go stand up. Take a walk over to the closest mirror (or use the front-facing camera on your phone) and shout at yourself: "YOU ARE FUCKING AWESOME. YOU WILL KICK ALL THE ASS." 

Because you are. And you will. 




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