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Written by: Kaitlyn

A few times a year, we put together a Crybaby Subscription Box that features work from artists from around the world. We want this project and this club to be where artists can be supported and celebrated. This is one way we do this. Our SIXTH (WOAH!) subscription box is now available for pre-order on our site. 

I had the honor of sitting down over a FaceTime call the other day with the lovely Katherine Villarreal. Katherine, just graduating high school, is a sweetheart that is diving headfirst into her passion: her art. 

Her journey to discovering her art starting with first discovering and accepting her own emotions.

"I've learned to accept me crying and I think your account helped with that," Katherine said. "I was able to express those emotions." 

Since becoming more comfortable with expressing her own emotions, Katherine has seen the importance of people being open about their feelings. 

"It lets you know and lets others know that you're not heartless. It's good to expel those emotions," Katherine said.  

It was a long journey for Katherine to become comfortable with sharing her thoughts. Katherine used to not want to talk about her emotions. When she first went to therapy, she didn't even want to speak.

"But then I met an awesome therapist that told me that no matter what I told her she wouldn't judge me," Katherine said.  

Katherine was thirteen when she first started to accept her mental disorders.

"I would constantly think about them," Katherine said.

She discovered art through Instagram which helped her cope with them because it takes her away. 

She loves art for its complexity.

"A drawing that looks so innocent to some people could represent everything that I was feeling that day," Katherine said.  Katherine even writes down secret little messages underneath all of her works of art before drawing/painting them. 

Katherine has many projects planned for her art including commissions, t-shirt designs and something she describes as a realistic positivity book. 

Crybaby Bio: 

What She Created: 

Mini-art packages

What Makes Her Cry: 

Getting yelled at, baby animals

Her Advice to Fellow Crybabies: 

Just do what feels right for you. Follow your dreams. Be aware of your emotions and be okay with your emotions. They're all normal. 

Say hey to Katherine over on her Instagram!

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