Shout-Out Ya Girls!

Hey, Crybabies! 

We know life can be hard + maybe it's been tough lately, but here at The Crybaby Club, we know that one of the best ways to combat a cloudy day is to lift other people out of the puddles. 

One of our number one missions here is to lift other women up. We've been told throughout our entire lives that other women are our competition. This is such a lie. And we need to make sure that our future generations are not told the same BS. 

It's so important for us to recognize and celebrate other women in our lives who are kicking butt. Whether it's through starting a small business or running a 5K or just getting out of bed this morning, take a moment to celebrate an important lady, or ladies in your life. 

In the comments below, tell us a lady you're proud of and something awesome they've done lately. We can't wait to hear it! 

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