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Currently crushing on all of these things, so let's go through them because it is fun to window shop, right?

  1. I am very into wide leg jeans right now, and these babies from Bando are just too cute to handle. Some cheaper options here, here and here!
  2. I have so many pairs of sandals, but if I could I would have more. It is a sickness. These are definitely at the top of  my list, but  if you don't have $100 for a pair of shoes ::raises both hands:: there are cuter ones for less $$ here and here.
  3. Ok, so I have been using this DIY  for years. I have naturally wavy + oily hair. Not an ideal combo, but this sea salt spray helps keep my waves in line without weighing them down with gunk. I highly recommend it, especially in the hot, humid summers of Memphis, Tennessee.
  4. This band, this album, on repeat until the end of time (or until I find a new obsession to sing along to in the car)
  5. I admit, I haven't read this book yet, but I did read the one that came before it and it is amazing. It is an adult version of the "choose your own ending" style books I loved as a kid and I literally had NO idea what to expect. One ending I was an artist living in Paris with my trans lover who overdosed on pills and another time I was a zoologist who died from being ripped apart by a very horny gorilla. Seriously, you need this book.
  6. Ever since I watched the 1997 film "Lolita" and fell in love with Dominique Swain's red toes, I have consistently had red toes. Red toes all the time, here is my favorite.
  7. Such a lovely way to end the list, this adorable shirt. Have a nice day!

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