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I wanted to start putting some writing prompts here in case you..like me... get stumped sometimes and WANT SO BADLY TO WRITE but you just can't figure out what to say or how to start.

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I decided to use some of the prompts from my bud Kaitlyn's 365 Days of Writing Prompts PDF. You can purchase that for yourself here. Support small business and give her a follow and look through her store.

  1. Write about holding someone's hand.
  2. Write about dragons.
  3. Include this line, "I Can't See"
  4. Describe the emotions of someone being buried alive.
  5. Do you believe in life after death? Explain.

I love Kaitlyn and if you have been here since CB's beginning, you will remember her from being one of the first members and the CB Blog Editor back in the day. We still hold her in our hearts here and we are so proud of her and all she has done since stepping down from the blog. She is still a friend, still helps when she can, and she recently got married and she and her partner started their own businesses! GO Kaitlyn! I guess I chose to write about you today, huh?

If you write a piece based on these prompts, please share them below! And please check out Kaitlyn's shop and blog. <3

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