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I figured I would start this series off with the pin that started everything! Aside from the glitter and resonating message, this pin is close to my heart  for another reason. The Motto pin was the very first product we had made and it launched our entire business! Come with me as we walk through this design from starting sketch to finished product.

So as far as ideas usually go, this one started off as a random thought in my brain. It was at the very beginning of my journey of sharing artwork on the internet and I was also hand lettering cards to sell in local shops. I was also going through a tough time mentally. I thought up this phrase as a way to communicate that just because I was an emotional wreck, I was still capable of doing stuff. I wrote it over and over in several different phrases before deciding on the final wording and then sketched it out in my notebook. 

After I got the idea out on paper, I worked on it over and over again to get the letters, spacing and overall look just right. The next step was to scan it into my computer and digitalize the artwork. This was 2016 guys, long before I even knew what an Apple Pencil was so I did things a little weirder back then. Weirder and a lot more tedious. I had also never used Photoshop (aside from the occasional photo cropping) or Illustrator (ever) so this was quite annoying for me. 

After that I went on a search for a way to get the artwork turned into an enamel pin. After a lot of feedback and help from the girl I still trust with all my designs, the pin was mocked up into a round circle of glittery goodness and delivered to me in bulk. I was beside myself. I still am tbh. 

Peep the first backing cards I ever designed.

The artwork itself has come a long way in the last almost 5 years. The enamel pin was the first pin we made, and since the first batch, I have tried a variety of different colors and even switched up the style of it a few times. Each one special and so much fun to make and sell. 

Once I finally bought myself an iPad Pro + Apple Pencil combo, I cleaned up the image once again and was then able to offer it as more than just a pin!

I am currently working on the next batch and deciding on colors and glitter options and whatnot. It is honestly my favorite part of the design process and I cannot wait to get the details hammered out so I can order them. I try to mix it up so that there is something for everyone but with the same resounding message at the heart of this design. 

We cry. We get things done. What else is there to say? 
You can get your own Motto enamel pin in our shop!
Thanks for reading.

Which design should I do a BTS on next?

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