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Around this time last year, I was in the middle of the worst creative slump of my LIFE. I wasn't making anything, drawing anything, creating anything + what's worse... I didn't want to. I had zero motivation, zero ideas, zero drive. It was vicious + very challenging to navigate without losing my mind. Creativity is after all, the way I express myself. So aside from the fact that I wasn't making anything, I felt emotionally constipated (for lack of a better phrase.) In this series, I hope to address common issues when in a slump, give ideas of how to kickstart your creativity back into gear + share pages/people who have helped me out when I am literally sinking into the black abyss of creative stagnancy. 

Anytime I hit a slump, I can kind of pinpoint the sources that sparked it. I have done a lot of work in therapy, guys + making a mind map from my issues to their causes is like basic addition to me. Thank the moon for that. However, just because I can locate the source doesn't mean I can fix the problem. (this is important to remember in any facet, not just when creating.)

Here are some of my common sources of stagnancy though just in case you can relate!

  • Imposter syndrome | this one hits me the hardest I think. Sometimes I will be minding my business, doing my thing and then I will see someone else's lettering, someone else's art, someone else's talent and just become overwhelmed with the idea of "wow, why do I even bother? I will never be that good? Plus, I am not breaking new ground here. Other people are doing what I am doing AND doing it better than me. What's the point?" and then I slowly descend into a pity party of my own making and it zaps the creativity right out of me.  SOLUTION? Sadly, there isn't an easy fix for this kind of turmoil, man, I wish there were. I just try to remind myself that my voice, my perspective and my messages are important because they come from me. If for no one else, I make art for me, myself and my mental health. I recommend taking breaks as needed, giving yourself a little more credit and a lot more grace, not putting so much pressure on yourself and to find comfort in the fact that everyone has felt this way at one point in time. That didn't stop them though and it shouldn't stop you. Take a break, take a breath, but don't quit. 
  • Lack of self confidence | this one comes as a result of imposter syndrome. Isn't that cute? A dynamic duo that no one asked for. I often doubt myself and as a result, question my talent as a creator as a whole. Oh how I wish I could have the steady confidence levels of mediocre white men. SOLUTION? Sit with these feelings guys, I am telling you right now. Get to know these feelings so you can overcome these feelings. Sit with the feelings until you no longer fear them. You are often times your own worst critic and that is neither helpful or kind. You deserve kindness, especially when it comes to your art. Your confidence will come and you deserve it.

  • Off days | these happen to everyone and I have come to terms with this fact (for the most part.) Some days I am full of ideas but when I sit down to draw, it's like my hands are metaphorically taking a nap. They literally are just not having it. Other times, I sit down and draw smooth lines, intricate shapes, clean letters but have absolutely no new ideas. It is very nice when I find myself having great ideas that I can adequately convey via art, but sometimes that just isn't in the cards and those times can be a real buzzkill. SOLUTION? TAKE A BREAK! You are not required to be productive at all times. Your worth is not measured by your creativity or your productivity. Some days are just going to be off. It's okay. Take the bad days in stride and know that they won't last forever. You didn't just wake up one day and lose all your talents and abilities, that is irrational. Good days will come. 

Now then, we got all that negativity out of the way, this is the part of the post where I want to link you to creators, resources, etc. to help bump you out of your slump. 


This gal (also named Natalie) is an incredible lettering artist and has so many resources on her blog, Instagram and her shop. She has step by step guides, workbooks to help you practice your craft + even offers courses to learn how to letter in her style. Her style is whimsical and bold at the same time btw, in case that wasn't obvious. We have no choice but to stan. I encourange you fully to go give her a follow on Instagram + peruse her shop. I am certain you will find something special. 

What tips or tricks do you turn to when you're in a slump? 
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