Episode 6 | Coping with Quarantine

I am finally getting the hang of this, or so it seems. I do not want to jinx myself that's for sure but dare i say... I am on a roll! 

In this episode, I walk through all the different feelings that may come up during this time of separation. The pandemic is not going well for Americans and seeing as I keep seeing wedding, vacation and party photos popping up on my timeline, I doubt things will get better anytime soon. Love it. L O V E it. 

Anyway, aside from anger (which is what I am feeling a lot of currently) there are a lot of big feelings that can arise and so I try my best to make you feel a little less alone in them, while also giving some levity and advice for you to take or leave. I have a few things that I do to keep myself balanced and I share those a bit. 

This is the first episode I have written an outline for, so I am curious if anyone can sense a difference in it in comparison to the previous one. I am also pretty proud of it and I hope it calms you, makes you smile and makes you feel less alone in this season of loneliness. 

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