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So I have been slowly but surely collecting art supplies over the past several years and in that time I have also found some of my favorite products of all time. My price range for art supplies varies greatly. It isn't always about spending tons of money for the best products, but some things I have found are more than worth the money. So let's get into the things I use and what I love about them! 

Letraset Promarkers (now, Winsor & Newton) 

Image from Kayley Camus's Instagram 

I started using these 5 years ago after my friend and fellow artist Kayley Camus posted a pic of her sketchbook + the markers off to the side. I always loved her art so I figured I would grab some of the markers she used and see if I liked them too. Spoiler alert, I LOVED them. The are so smooth and blend so well. They have an almost watercolor quality to them as far as looks go. They do not have an overpowering scent like some of the other watercolor-esque markers I've used in the past and they come in a million colors. Upon doing research on these for this post, I noticed that I saw fewer and fewer marker sets with the Letraset name and realized that the brand Winsor & Newton have acquired Letraset and so now they are one in the same. So do not get hung up on the name! 

Canson XL Mixed Media sketchbook

The sketchbook in the first picture is one of these! I own several of these and most of them are full. They have great quality paper and they come in different sizes so depending on what you like, they make the perfect sketchbook. The spiral binding makes it easy to draw on the front of back of the pages, plus they have perforated lines so you can easily tear out the pages if you so choose. A good sketchbook doesn't have to be expensive. Just grab one of these and get to drawing! 

Baronfig sketchbook

Photo c/o the Barongfig Instagram

I recently ordered this sketchbook to try it out and I am really pleased. It is good quality, has a little ribbon bookmark and several different cover color options (I chose grey but the fig wine color will be next, don't worry), you can choose between blank, lined or dotted pages and when you open the book, it opens flat! I cannot tell you how nice that is as a doodler. One of the pros of a spiral sketchbook is that it lays flat, but the spiral can get in the way sometimes, plus, with the Baronfig sketchbook, I can draw one big picture across the two pages if I want! Plus, they even have special limited edition cover choices AND really cool guided journals that I am very interested in (particularly the dream journal). 

Staedtler Drawing Pens

Now, I used to really love Micron pens (and they still have a spot in my heart for sure) however, these are just better in my opinion. They make smooth lines that don't smudge when you are drawing and they NEVER dry out. That was one of my big complaints with Microns is that they dried out way too fast. I felt like I was constantly buying new ones. With these though, I haven't ever had that problem. Case in point... the pens I use (the pens in these pictures) are the same ones that my man used in his college architecture classes... ten years ago. I rest my case. 

Craftsmart Acrylic Paint

So this paint is my favorite, although, I love all paint, let's be fair. This one, I like because it is a little thinner than some of the other acrylic paints. I think that is because this is intended for mixing your own colors but that is just my guess and do not quote me on that. I like the thinner paints because to me, they are easier to work with and are a lot smoother when making the patterns I usually paint (like the one you see in the pic above) I saw a lot of other people complaining that their bottles were clumpy, but I have never noticed that. Plus, I kinda just expect clumps in paint because I tend to go so long in between painting things but maybe I am wrong? Here is a link to the matte version of this paint too. 

50 Brush Value Set

Hear me out, ok? These are in no way the best quality brushes I have used however, if you are an artist who is just starting out and wanted to test out a bunch of different brush shapes and styles, I highly recommend grabbing one of these! That way you get a lot of variety and can narrow down which brushes you like the best and then splurge on the better quality brushes that have staying power. Also, as long as we are talking about this... I haven't ever really sprung for expensive brushes. I painted this with a small piece of cardboard as my brush. So... I mean... ya know?

Posca Paint Markers

This is another new thing that I have tried recently and I love them so much I had to include them. They are really solid markers, the paint lasts for a long time, they have a variety of colors and tip shapes and can be used on a variety of surfaces. Highly recommend these fun pens. They are apparently pigment based paint with a similar look and feel of acrylic, water based and they have a ball inside of the pen to keep the paint from stagnating. 

Ok guys, we have reached the end of the list. How are we feeling? Do you have any questions? Do you have an art supply that you just can't live without? Have you taken your meds/drank some water today? 

Thanks for being here with me 

You can find all of these items and more on my Amazon lists. 

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