Holiday 2020 Sale + Updates

The holiday season is here again, albeit, things look a little differently around my house, im sure you can relate. However, that doesn't have to ruin everyone's fun right? RIGHT. I have taken the liberty of launching my holiday sale is a link to our holiday email campaign if you aren't currently signed up to receive emails. It kind of gives a brief overview of all of the markdowns we have in the shop right now! I really appreciate your support, as always, but especially right now, this year, in this moment. 

Oh and also, I mentioned in this blog post that I am going to be a vendor at the virtual Porter Flea Holiday Market and I want to encourage everyone to be looking out for that show December 5-6th. I have new products dropping! I am going to give you guys a sneak peak right now though because I like you. :)

First up we have our new and improved Membership Card!
It has the same charm, design and promise written out on the back but it now comes with an honorary tiny tear drop enamel pin. There is also a blank on the back so I can personalize the card for you if you want me to. This is the first "product" that I ever released and it is still one of my favorites so I am really excited to bring this to life. 

Next up we have our Holy Moly cross earrings. You may have seen these before in the Monster Market we participated in all through October but this is the first time we will offer them for sale in our shop. They are made of 22K gold and translucent enamel which gives them their stained glass lool. They are cute, lightweight and in my opinion the perfect stocking stuffer! 

Last but not least we are bring back a crowd favorite... the Crybaby Bundle. Every year I try to offer a really great deal that includes several of our products in one fun package. Buy it for yourself, buy it for a friend or split up the contents and get all your shopping done at once! 

Please do not adjust your screen. You are seeing correctly. That IS a blue holographic stainless steel flask with a rhinestone lid. You are not dreaming. That isn't it either. They come in all kinds of colors. I saw these on my supplier's website and was like I MUST HAVE THEM. I felt like they're not only super on brand, cute enough on their own but you can also add a sticker if you want... but it can be a nice fun way to ring in the new year (even though you may be at home on our couches.... or you better be.)

I hope you'll check out our sales. I marked down a lot and am excited to offer some deals to you guys. I know times are hard for everyone in their own ways, so if you can't purchase DO NOT BE UPSET WITH YOURSELF and know that I am not upset with you either. There are other ways to support your favorite small businesses. 

Regardless, I thank you for reading and supporting me on what is about to be my 5th year in operation. Sharing, liking, commenting, tagging friends, etc. These are all amazing ways to show support without spending money and all of these things mean the world to a small business like me. 

Happy holidays to you all, make sure you drink lots of water, take your meds, cancel plans, social distance, wear your mask, wash your hands and love yourselves. 

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