Virtual Market Schedule | Winter 2020

I don't know about you guys, but I miss live events and markets. I never thought I would say that to be honest. I compartmentalize my socialization and require a lot of emotional prep time to get myself ready to be in front of and interact with people. Markets are so much fun and I do enjoy them, but I freak myself out beforehand. If you've ever worked a market with me, you know this to be true. However and after 10 months of no interactions outside of my own four walls... I miss them so much and can't wait until they are a thing again. </3

That being said, virtual markets have come in and saved the day! We are lucky enough to be vendors in not one but three holiday markets this year and I am beyond excited and READY. Here is a little overview of each one so you can mark your calendars and get ready to shop small and online.

Memphis Modern Market 

November 12 - December
This is an in person pop up shop located at 55 S Main St. in downtown Memphis, Tennessee. There will also be a virtual pop up event on November 21 via the Memphis Modern Market Instagram page. For more info on them and their holiday markets you can follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

Arrow Creative Holiday Bazaar

November 23 - December 23
Arrow Creative Holiday Bazaar is another Memphis based IRL market. For more information on this market and their collective in general, visit their Facebook or Instagram

Porter Flea Virtual Holiday Market

Porter Flea is a fun Nashville, Tn based market that I got to participate in last year (IRL) and it was amazing. This year it will be strictly virtual but that means that you can enjoy holiday shopping from dozens of incredible makers/artists all while in your pj's. The dream! For more info on this market, you can visit their website, Instagram or Facebook

This year has taken its toll on everyone in different ways. Your love and support has always been appreciated but especially this year. I felt it so deeply and I will never be able to properly thank you for that. I hope that you can find some cheer with me this winter whether its in a graphic on our Instagram or a pin in our shop, I just hope I can make you feel as amazing as you always make me feel. You're loved. Thank you endlessly.  

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