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Linktree was the first "all-in-one-place" link sharing site that I saw pop up in other people's bios. So naturally, for a long time, it was the one I used. I liked it ok. It is relatively simple and free to use but the customization is almost nonexistent, unless you want to pay. Also, it leaves a lot to be desired as far as what you can add to it, mainly links and nothing else. As far as analytics go, it will give you a lump number of clicks for your account's lifetime but again, unless you want to pay, you don't get any insight. 

I give it an overall 5/10.


This one is my all around favorite, but let's discuss why before you stop reading! Right away you can tell that it is way more customizable and you don't even to pay for an upgraded account to get it looking just right for you and your page. You can even customize their logo with your preferred colors. You love to see it. I also really appreciate that it lets you have all your points of contact at the bottom (facebook, email, etc) so you don't have to waste link spaces with those and can utilize that space for the things you want to get the most attention to! It will also let you add images to your links directly from your Instagram. The upgraded features on this app make more sense to me. In comparison, I would consider upgrading this account to unlock more in depth customization, more software integration (canva, upsplash, etc) and analytics but overall, I am the most pleased with this one. It is currently what The Crybaby Club uses on our Instagram. I give it an 8/10.


Ok so this one is really cool. I say this because it has a lot of different widgets that you can add and play around with. For instance, you can upload your resume, collect people's contact information, give them the option to download your contact card, implement tags and other things to help improve your SEO, and even embed audio, video or a livestream. It is pretty neat honestly. I feel like you can get lot of value in setting this up and having it available to your clients/audience. Overall, it gets an 7/10 and that is because it is less customizable than Campsite but more so than Linktree. 

Make Your Own Landing Page

The last option is that you can create your own landing page. Why would you do this when there are all these other options? Well, for starters instead of directing your audience to a third party website, you can just have them come directly to yours! This helps site traffic increase and gives you a way more hands on approach to designing your landing page, what exactly you want to say, SEO benefits and much more. Not everyone has their own website and that I get, but for those who do, you can further utilize the site you're paying for in doing this. I made my own landing page via Blogger. I did it really quickly just so you could see what I am talking about. This took me 15 minutes and it looks pretty ok for that quick a timeframe, so imagine what you could do if you actually went all out! 7/10 only because it is time consuming and you need a website to do it.

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