Staying Home but Going Out

I don't know about you, but I have been missing living my life on my own terms. Coffee shops, road trips, hotel rooms, day trips to Ikea, hugging my grandma. Now, I do not miss these things enough to just pop off and ignore the CDC recommendations or shelter in place ordinances... but I do miss it and I am sure you do too. 

Throughout this year, I have developed an almost anxiety when it comes to leaving my house for reasons that are not absolutely necessary (ie. groceries, taking my grandpa to the doctor, picking up the kids' school supplies). I have bailed on more invitations to hangout this year than I can count. It is what it is but as you can see, I managed to find a roundabout way of staying involved when my friends make the rare venture out into the world without having to actually leave my house. I printed out the biggest picture of my head that my printer could manage, taped a wooden dowel onto the back and even made myself a little mask. And just like that, I AM TRAVEL SIZED! 

10/10 highly recommend printing out a picture of your face for your friends to take with them on their outings. 

10/10 highly recommend finding friends who encourage your weird ideas WHILE respecting your boundaries. 

10/10 highly recommend sipping coffee on your couch as your friends take selfies with your cutout and send them to you so you can feel included in their day. 

I honestly felt super involved and like I was still a part of their plans. We all three were very entertained by this. It was just really nice to be there without having to actually be there and I just wanted to document this. This may be one of the sillier things I've ever done, but it is one of the most special things too. It really did feel like I was there with them and it also meant a lot that they didn't mind stopping for random selfies with a cutout of their friend's face in public. 

Also, Jessie and her mom are in Disney World currently for her mom's birthday (major envy) but Samantha and I figured that out too...

Seriously guys, do this if you have the means and the buds to humor your weirdness. I was going to post a DIY but I feel like it is pretty self explanatory? Let me know if you'd like a step by step and I will help you out. 

Stay safe, buds. 

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