Be My Valentine | 2021

Hello hello! It is time yet again for you to Be My Valentine! 

TL;DR Fill out the form below and you will get a Valentine, with love, from me.

I started the Be My Valentine project in 2016 and I have done it every year since. The month of February can be overwhelming for people for various reasons, so I wanted to do something about it, even if that something was small. Every year, I send out a handwritten card to anyone who signs up for this and I love doing it. Whether you have a romantic partner or not, everyone deserves a little extra love. So sign up and I will send you one. <3


  • I don't usually require payment for this, I just do it out of pocket and eat the costs because it isn't about the money plus I do not want money to be the thing that stops you from signing up... however, if you are able to throw a few bucks my way for this, it is EXTREMELY appreciated. Last year I sent over 300 cards out. Cards, envelopes, confetti, stamps... it all starts to add up very quickly so yes, please donate if you are able. My paypal is and my venmo is username @ nataliemeagan
  • I ask for and require your email for this just in case the address is null or I need to communicate with you about this project and this project alone. I will not be adding your email address to any kind of list or promo thing, I do not sell your information, I could never.
  • Another question I always get is if I allow or welcome return gifts/mail? Yes I do! You can send mail to me at: The Crybaby Club P.O. Box 11323 Memphis, Tn 38111

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