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So a few people asked me about this and I wanted to deliver but I also wanted to make sure I did my homework because there are SEVERAL ways to create your own font. I want you to know that your personal preferences, access to certain programs/resources, experience level and knowledge base are all factors to consider when selecting the method you want to explore. Also, if you are only interested in the way that I created my fonts, that information can be found in the last section of this post. 

1) Illustrator 

What you need: AdobeCreative Suite (Illustrator and Photoshop) and knowhow.

I don't know if I am just overthinking it or intimidated by this particular program, but this is not my first or even third choice. Illustrator does scare me plus not everyone has access to this software so it isn't for everyone. I didn't even attempt it because the fear is real, but you can find a really helpful walkthrough of this process here. It does seem like you have much more creative freedom with this option, however, the amount of steps needed to do this... again, scares me. 

2) Calligraphr 

What you need: a printer, fine tipped pens or pencils, camera/scanner (optional, ipad pro or drawing tablet)

I tried this one for the first time today and honestly... it checks out. It is very easy to understand and complete. There are two ways to do this (print out the template and draw IRL or download the template and complete it via your drawing tablet) I chose the IRL option because I got a new printer last month and I am still not bored of using it plus I have been very hands on lately and I am not sure why. 

You print out the template, fill in the letters and symbols in your hand, scan or take a picture of the completed pages, upload them back to Calligraphr and then you can tweak the font from there and download your completed font!

It is very straightforward and it doesn't allow for a lot of creative freedom. I highly recommend a fine tipped pen and selecting the option to have the letters in the background in a light grey so you can see where the letters are supposed to fall on the lines. Also, I did not see any options to build cursive fonts (which are way harder to do since the letters connect) but overall, this was cake. It was fast, easy, user friendly and I created my own font in less than 20 minutes time.

3) iFontMaker

What you need: ipad pro + apple pencil and $8 for the app

This software is pretty straightforward as well and it is the one I used to create all of these fonts . If you don't have a tablet though, you're out of luck but I am going to walk you through it anyway. The app costs $7.99 in the app store but in my opinion, it is worth the money if font making is something you are wanting to spend more time on in the future. The interface looks overwhelming at first, but it isn't too bad. You have the option of different brush settings and you go through each letter and draw it in your hand until it looks just right. It takes a bit of playing with to get used to but it is my favorite method hands down. Plus, you don't have to build the font every time you want to see how it is looking. You can see a sample of what you've done so far and then continue working on it from there AND you get to share the fonts you make with people in the gallery!

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