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Happy New Year!  I have been keeping this secret for too long and now I am so thrilled to be able to share it! 

Over the last few weeks, I have been tirelessly working on the biggest project I have ever tackled. I have laughed, I have cried, I have stared into the void, but I got it done! 

So I am proud to introduce to you...

The first official planner(s) from The Crybaby Club. 

Here are the 4 different covers that you can choose from (the inside is all the same) 
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I have wanted to make a planner ever since I bought my first one from Bando. Ideally, the spiral bound, colorful style with sticker sheets and fun stuff throughout was my goal for this one. However, seeing as I am just one person and the MOQ (minimum order quantity) was 500 books... it was a bit above me. The sticker sheets would have to wait... but maybe 2022 is the year for that! 

Still, I went onward, accepting that I can only do what I can and just because I can't afford the initial design that I wanted, that didn't mean I should give up altogether. It also didn't mean it couldn't have colorful artwork and fun things throughout. I just had to get creative with it and I was up for the challenge. 

Let's take a look inside the planner, shall we? I have been on edge to show you these things and the time has finally come and I can hardly stand it.

Here we go:

In the book description on Amazon, I highlight 4 key areas worth noting... Organization, mindfulness, creativity and fun.  I want to address each of those points in depth.

  • ORGANIZATION: I started out with the standard monthly and weekly layouts to help you keep up with both big picture stuff and day to day things. The monthly layout has space for notes and doodles if you're a doodler, and the weekly layout has so much space to write down all of your plans, appointments and day to day things you need to remember. There are also several pages for notes.
  • MINDFULNESS: With self-love and mental health in mind, there are several prompts, reminders and activities for you to explore including one of my favorite pages... the weekly check-in worksheet. I made this in hopes of encouraging you to take a moment with yourself at the end of your week and reflect back over the last few days in a low pressure way. Sometimes we need that to encourage us to keep moving forward, plus I think it will be a good thing to be able to look back on as the year goes on and see where you were 2 months ago, 3 months ago, etc.

  • CREATIVITY: Like I said, I created a spacious layout with tons of pages for note taking/doodling to help ensure that you are able to make this planner your own and express yourself from start to finish. There is even a book log, blank venn diagrams and a coloring sheet.
  • FUN: What is more fun than full color throughout? There are over 300 pages of full color artwork, layouts and activities. I also designed double page spreads to start each month and an activity or piece of art to wrap up each month as well. In the first few pages, you will find a few words from me plus a guide of sorts helping you understand what you can expect to find in this planner and how many ways you can have the best time with it. 

I worked really hard on this planner, I cannot say that enough. One night in particular sticks out. I didn't go to bed until 3 or 4 am because I don't remember why, something about resizing? Formatting? Organizing the pages? I have no idea. There was also one night where I had just finished laying out the pages perfectly for the final draft and BOOM my computer crashed and saved NOTHING. When I said I cried, I meant it literally. 

This was a passion project if I ever had one though and I honestly hope you will grab one and fill it with all your goals, plans, hopes, dreams and big ideas! 

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